Companion Poem to the tryptic :  Prayer, Protest & Peace In Paint

 SAIC Sullivan Galleries LRMFA EXHIBITION 2017





WE insist on a world where dreams are allowed to become real for all

WE insist on leaders who speak the truth, and inspire its citizens

WE insist on food that is not harmful

WE insist on clean water for all

WE insist on allowing women to make choices about their own bodies

WE insist on a moratorium on beef production, as we now know it, polluting the environment and producing livestock for food consumption that is toxic to humanity

WE insist on an equal taxation system divided by all members of the union

WE insist on the truth be told about the destruction of the Black Panther Party and other social activist movements from the 1960’s, political prisoners still locked up after 30 or more years in prison because of their political beliefs

We insist on the dismantling of the prison industrial complex, this insidious modern day form of slavery

We insist on health care, clean water, shelter, and access to fresh food be available to all our citizens

WE insist on Peace

We insist on Tolerance

WE insist on Love

WE insist on the Arts as the core of our educational system

WE insist

WE insist

WE Pray

WE Protest

WE Insist!!