The RAIN Story

"ART IS LIFE”  Pablo Picasso

Artist, Musician, Teaching Artist, gardener, thinker, activist,
mother, wife, sister, daughter, lover, friend

Patricia Rain was born and raised in Chicago, and educated in the Arts at UC Berkeley, and SAIC. Rain took her first art degree, and embarked on a journey as a Peace Corps volunteer where her art, and now her new art form, her music, began to take root in the jungles of the Philippines. Upon her return to Chicago she soon became a focal point at the famous folk club, “The Earl of Old Town”. After a time, Asia beckoned, and Rain left for Japan, where she played and toured for several years. While in Asia she returned to the Philippines and released her first “45” single in Manila… Now, politically & spiritually situated, Rain returned to Chicago with her new music and was embraced & awarded by the Chicago Reggae Arts community 3 years in a row for her contributions to “Cross-over Reggae Music”. Following a strong calling, she submerged herself in the trenches of the Chicago Public Schools, where she has taught, mentored, and inspired 10’s of thousands of young students in the Arts, while raising her own children. Along the way Rain stayed connected to the source of her musical inspiration through Chicago’s historic Old Town School of Folk Music’s’ Bob Dylan Tribute Ensemble.
Now After a long and very creative journey, Internet radio sends her music around the world to be discovered by
Al Bowman.
Patti Rain arrived at The “Whiskey A Go-Go”
July 29, 2010 as a “Los Angeles Music Awards’” nominee for “Americana Artist of the Year”.
In November 2010 Rain won!
Americana Album of the Year & Americana Artist of the Year
She returned to the studio in April of 2015.
She recorded in Portland at the studio of Modest Mouse's Isaak Brock, at The Ice Cream Party.
Her new record produced by Lee Popa, guest artists include
Lorrie Kountz, from Chicago, Pearl Wootin from Portland,
and members of Mimicking Birds, drummer Aaron Hanson, and bassist Adam T.
Rain returned to Chicago and put down her guitar and took up her brushes.
Now she was situated with studio, time, and the acceptance to the LRMFA Program.
Her she found her voice, connected to her music and visual art, and added Spoken word poetry to her portfolio.
She has two volumes of poetry in the Special Collections Library at SAIC.
Rain completed the LRMFA directed by Gregg Bordowitz, in the summer of 2017
Her painting, FALLEN was selected for the National MFA WET PAINT Exhibition
at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.
She received the NXT Level Excellence in Art Award.
Her work entitled, “Ox Bow Sunset Chalk” was selected for the January edition of
Studio Visit vol. 39 Exhibition in Print

Rain was selected as Artist In Residence at AIP, Tuscany May 2018, Carmona Spain 2019, AND SIENNA, Italy 2020

Her work has been exhibited internationally since 2018  showing with Perseus Gallery, New York, and Gallery Art Number 23, London.