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Patricia RAIN Gianneschi CV


1990-2018 IATSE #476 Studio Teacher

All Chicago Productions 

Teaching Artist, Department of Art Education, SAIC 2013-14

Teaching Artist Chicago Public Schools 1990-2012

MFA 2017, SAIC; MAAE, 2004, SAIC 

BFA/BFAT (1977-79); UC, Berkeley 

EXHIBITIONS:  2019 “Beyond the Selfie”, HP Art Center, Highland Park, Ill., 

ALPHA /THETA, Art Number 23, LONDON;  2018 Nov.-Jan “PROJECT RESIST FEAR”, The Art Center HP, Highland Park; 2018 Sept. THE OTHER ART FAIR CHICAGO, Mana Contemporary;  August 2018 “8X8” NXT LEVEL PORTRAITS, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago;  March 2018 National Art Education Women’s Caucus Exhibition in Print, Seattle, WA; Feb. “Mother Art: Revisited Collective Exhibition, The Garage Gallery, Chicago; Jan. 2018 National MFA WET PAINT EXHIBITION, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago;  2017 SAIC MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries, 2015, Main Street Museum; 2016, Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, Vermont; Throop Street Show LRMFA Group Exhibit, 2009, Chicago; 2003, Chicago Cultural Center; 1990-2000, Gallery 1633, Chicago; 

PUBLICATIONS, February 2019, Studio Visit, Print Exhibition, March 2018 National Art Education Women’s Caucus Exhibition in print; January 2018, STUDIO VISIT Exhibition in Print, volume 39; 2018, Becoming RAIN; Art , Spirit & Social Justice; MFA THESIS 2004, “Becoming Women; Art & Leadership for Adolescent Girls”, MAAE Thesis, Flaxman Library SAIC Chicago; 2000, “Magic In America” AIC;  2017 “Just Words” & Just Words II”  Poetry Books,  SAIC Special Collections Library, Flaxman Library 

MUSIC: 2015-17 “Six Days At The Mouse House” RR-22 Productions; 2001 “I & I”, FFB Productions, Chicago; 1981-1988 

FEATURE PAINTINGS;  2018 20th Century Fox, “EMPIRE”;  2009, “ SABLE”, MGM/Gerber, Chicago 

AWARDS,  2018 National WET PAINT NXT Level Art of Excellence Award, Chicago; AIP Artist In Residence Appointment, 2018 Tuscany Italy & 2019 Carmona, Spain; 

2010, Los Angeles Music Awards; 2002 & 2003 William Carr Oldendorf Award, Ox-Bow Residencies; 2001 Robert Rauschenberg Power of Art Award, Washington, D.C.; 1998 & 1999, Illinois Alliance for the Arts; Grants; 2006-2012, Oppenheimer Family Foundation Teacher Incentive Grants, Chicago; 1996-2012, Illinois State University; 1993-2009, Chicago Foundation For Education, Chicago; 1991, Rochelle Lee Grant, Chicago; 1981 Illinois Arts Council, Art Educator of the Year Award, Chicago; 

COMMISSIONS, 2000, Kraft Foods, Chicago; 2003-2009, AIC, Performance Art; “Artists in the Galleries”, Chicago; 2018-2020 

NAEA Past-Chair; Caucus for the Spiritual in Art Education, 2015-2018; Chair: Caucus for the Spiritual in Art Education, NAEA; 2013 Elementary Chair, Caucus for the Spiritual in Art Education; NAEA, Fellowships, 2010 & 2012, Intuit Gallery, Chicago;