Patricia RAIN Gianneschi is a professional Visual Artist, Musician and Teacher born and raised in Chicago,working across Poetics.In her multimedia work, whether music or visual art, the intersection of social justice and spirituality is a thread that runs through all the disciplines of  her work. Her paintings, prints and drawings going back over 35+ years represent an artistic practice rich in ideas, content, creativity and authenticity.

At “NFT - New Freedom Think” exhibition hosted by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Patricia presents two paintings and a video.

In the first painting called “Fallen Nation”, an abstract world is represented, made of soft and shaded colors and some geometric figures including spheres and squared elements that are reminiscent of celestial stars and that take us to another dimension.As a multi-media artist using paint, words and music as a portal for imagination and spirit, Patricia is involved with the process of Becoming and Creating. Her goal is therefore to bring the viewer into a space where they become open to the forces of imagination and spirit, since she truly believes Art can transform us and take us to a new awareness, create new sensations and form. Patricia’s desire is to elicit a response from the viewer, allowing him/her to breath in color, image and texture and to form their own narrative.

"Palmyra" is also an abstract painting, in which two curved white shapes emerge from an orange background, which seem to walk towards an unknown destination. With this work, the artist wanted to remember the destruction of the ancient temples in Syria by Isis: at the base of the painting we see in fact some rubble on which the two figures walk disconsolately.

Lastly, in the video “Out There In The Sky” Patricia combines images that portray stars and galaxies with a music she composed and played, accompanied by a poem she recites. The poetry is a reflection on the Universe and on our ephemeral presence in the world, as short as it is important to build small pieces that then become part of a wall, which is the wall of history. But despite our differences and the fleetingness of our experience, what unites all people of every age is Art, which we cannot help but produce as the supreme expression of the human being. As Patricia writes: “Traces of lives lived and lost to time (…) And the Art / Everywhere / In every culture / Revealing something… / Out there / In the Sky”.