JUST WORDS A Collection of Poems 2015


A Collection of Poetry





Pay Attention

The waters are receding

Pay Attention

The Bees are dying

Pay Attention

The Last Black Rhino stands alone

Looking back into the memory of a gentler time

A time when “Evolutionary Dead End”

Was not such a familiar phrase

Spoken without terror

Pay Attention

The soldiers gather

They are so very young, not yet 13

With seething anger

They pick up their Russian made weapons

They scream threats to us

As we drive through the throng of children

Eyes red with tears

Parents lying dead on the ground

Brother gone

Sister gone

Family no more





The day begins

I crawl through the opening

A barrier between this plane and this reality,

Into the dense images produced through

Attentive Listening


Listening for the portal, I jump through

Allowing my body to become the tool

Automatically stretching the sound in my ear,

To the touch of my fingers, through the pen

I am in my body

I imagine space


A dark background, the stars like smoke or fog, so dense, so thick, almost cloud like

Pushing and pulling sound

Like a Hoffman painting, thick with color

Meant to open the channels of inner space


That one low range

Always the lower chakra

Hitting and stirring sensations

Moving now into a spiral form

Each note expanding








The SYMPTOMS were evident

In the Arts, In the Political Structure, the church, and the Family

It was the calm before the storm

The CRISIS before the TRANSFORMATION of an entire civilization

Doomsday speakers had their say

There is always a place in this world for the negative

It was the ones who thought positively

They were the TARGET!

To THEM we represented the PAST

The CONFRONTATION between the YOUNG and the OLD



But even as we grew, and became more a part of the system

They didn’t see us for who we really were

If they had listened to the voices in the sky who had inspired our minds

PERHAPS we would have spared the world such pain

But our world was set up

From the START our PLANET was involved in a CONSPIRACY in HEAVEN

That SHE took no part in


Those were Cosmic consequences that the planet had grown up with











I speak of love

It is not of the flesh

You speak of love

It is not of desire

I speak of light

It is not the sun

You speak of light

It is not the moon

I listen to the wind

You hear the wind

I follow the path

You know the path

I speak to the future

You are timeless

I wait for a sign

You wait for an answer

I called you by name

I think this is possible







Endless Talking


In street cafes and coffeehouses

I sit talking endlessly about the mysteries of the universe

I, who know almost nothing

Risk exposure by the ones who think they know all

They who know nothing ask me

I give my impressions

They tell me theirs

I beg to differ sir,

I say

It is in each one of us to be


















is the


i get in

the savoy

the instant

i realize

that not only

are there

no new faces

but mine is

the same to them

as theirs is

to Me













The Sea Has Met The Sky


If we all have a purpose in life

And if to some we have the right

To choose Heaven

Or choose Hell

Then Spirits leap out and begin

To show the world a new direction

To save them all from this war’s destruction


They have built up cities and torn down lives

They have washed the beaches with the stains of oil

And made mockeries of the poor man’s toil

They have watched the children go unfed

And they take the food away from the living dead

They believe in nothing

They live and die

Without a thought to what they came here for

Or a thought, to which they will answer,

For the wrongs and the sins of a race of men,

Who have failed the creator and fallen again


But I still believe there is a glimmer

Of hope in the world, as the moonlight

Beams down from Heaven

And shows me a sight

And keeps me singing and spreading light

And spreading a sound that comes from above

Words born of Heaven and lifted through Love


Fly on Earth Child

Take to the Sky

Or down under the ocean

To live with the sands

Ever shifting, ever settling

The sea has met the sky




Cinderella Struggles


On a Stormy night in the twilight hour

Cinderella struggle with her packages

The wind was howling down from the east

The melody echoed

In her mind

The bike suddenly loses balance and she drops her goods

In her struggle her anxiety awakens the pain

And she loses herself in the howling wind

It’s all too much she cries out suddenly

Bent down over the bike she begins to weep

She sees an oncoming ruck and it just misses hitting her

As she tries to struggle with the situation

She glances up at the moon

In all of it’s fullness it is still haunting to all of us she thinks

She feels so silly paying so much attention to herself

She begins to think about the folks who live across the highway

Old beat up houses guarded by dogs who look as hungry as their owners

Black faces girls walking in front of her smiling as they pass her in the night air’

“Need some help?”  He asks her, passing by in his

clean, white, shiny Cadillac

Looking out of place to some in this shanty side of the neighborhood,

but to her, as fitting as the SARI-SARI stores of







Ballad to St. Roch on the Night of the 7th Day

Night of the 7th day

Time for us to face up to the facts

Hat we see is the way it is supposed to be

It confuses me to the point of exhaustion

When I realize that what I thought was real

Was only false devotion

So I turn my gaze and look into the eyes

To see if I can find him

The point is I feel the time may pass

And this time around we will miss him

The hurricane storms the streets

My insides pour out now

Who knows the pain of losing what you took for granted?

And cannot except that parts of life, like death, are permanent

So I try to retrace my steps and I hold myself in check

Until I can be reborn again into another world

Maybe the fact is that solitude is the price you pay

When you only live by what you believe

The judge speaks to me of his sorrow

And laughs while tears roll down his wrinkled cheeks

Like raindrops on a winter’s storm

On a gloomy Christmas Day

When no one could find the truth anywhereSome said it was in her silent suffering

In the way she was accepting

She grows cold now

She freezes up inside for s afraid she has been mistaken again

She knows the danger

She can see the signs

But she cannot solve his problems

She has learned through the pain of her own

That we all must find our souls

We must touch our own hearts

We must love ourselves

We must find a way to give to the ones we love

But beware of the day you learn of your mistake

Beware of the night of the 7th day

When the new moon is on the rise

And the simple twist of fate moves her closer to her heart’s desire

She lives too tangled in this poet’s web

She feels trapped by time and alone on the planet

She knows she is not crazy

She could not go so far, be so brave, or see so much

But she cannot see what she knows is there

She tries to fit the pieces together

To figure out where she began this search

Through the symbols and the clues to her own reality




Daybreak brings rebirth

Each of us emerging from a sea of darkness

Like birth it brings clarity of vision

It is emergence from water to air

It is transformation

It is change

The secure embrace ends

One is then emerged

In an unfamiliar space

It is dying and rebirth

Recognizing transition and passage

Inevitable ruptures and fulfillments

In situations and relationships


It is a world of desire, feeling, and expectation

Death and birth experience

The two reference points of all initiation

In emergence, initiation begins with death

Submission and a return to the womb

Acknowledging the Labyrinth

We plunge into chaos

Chaos brings confusion and return to clarity

Clarity only in the realization of error

Error in the unexpected

Awareness by pain and doubt

Confusion can bring clarity

Allowing one to realize a glimpse of truth





In the hours following clarity

The clouds hover over me

Just like the threat of a storm

They tease my emotions into fear

Fear from the future

Fear from the past

Just the last glance from the tear

Am I to run again?

Or loosen shall I loosen the ties of my boots

And ease, ease on into the sound of the fog

Here by the bay I have found some peace

Neither is it Paradise

Nor Hell


But More

A resting place she called it

For tired space travelers

For tired horses in the sun

For tired is the light of one song in my ear

Fear again fills my head

Doubt me he said, I said, God…

Dodging corners in the fog

Easing pain that is lifetimes deep

Catching glimpses of truth

Then falling to sleep only to wake up confused

But willing to go on as before





Belonging to No One


Caught between the devil and deep blue sea

Man’s place on this earth seems rather frightening to me

To realize you are not alone or neither are you here

But sons and daughters grow and soon time begins to show

And you realize the danger and you see a perfect strange

And you cannot pay the price for giving them your soul

You belong to no one

You owe nothing to anyone

Success is failure by my man’s code

Sacrifice what gives men soul

Not games and this man’s schemes

This one is too close to being free

This one is Me













Sweet Loretta


Funny how the laughter is rising inside my body

My body   My body

Since I was let out of the cage in the city

Filled with the marginalized forgotten citizens of society

Who get dragged off the streets

 and sheltered by the taxes that you pay

Do you know what it is like inside those walls?

Women brought in, printed and photographed

Jewels and clothes taken away


Then thrown in with the rest of the fools

In the front are the ones who have done a slight wrong

In the back, the heavies, that is where they occupy space

Way in the back so no one can see

They seek out each other for security

But bring them no harm

Repeating the cycle of their own design

They keep coming back time after time

They keep on doing what keeps them inside


I saw women with faces all haggard and worn

And young girls with no future, except more of the same

And I found all the kindness in the world

In one junkie’s eyes

She was older than me, about 33

She had been all over the world

Caught by glamour of needle and pin

She was reeling and wailing when I finally left the room

Sweet Loretta from the south

She had a sweet and mournful voice

And we laughed all afternoon

And found no reason to sing out our fears

So we sang some tunes from the 60’s

And Janis joined us there that day

While the clouds grew dark


At dinner the same woman kept on edge

Passed by me and I smiled

Not to excite her neurotic mind

Not to cause her any harm

Just for the record I was angry with the guards

They favored the sick

And cheated the real

And they have no idea the way that it feels

To walk into that place quite alone with defense

I guess it was the final test to show them that I care








I want to write this song today

But I’s stuck in New York City

With my insides pouring out

And I can’t seem to find the answers

And the questions become clearer

And the images are far more real than

The steps that I am taking

And my heart begins an aching

That I cannot seem to shake

So tell me why in a city

So large and so alive

Why do I find myself amazed?

At the animals I see

Inside of tortured children

Who are robbed of their lives

They are doomed to see a world

In a cloud with no horizon

And my thoughts wonder slowly out the door

And my ears keep hearing people tell me

What my life is made of

And the colors that I hear

No longer make me happy

And my thoughts turn from the blue eyes of my lover

To the blue eyes of his brother

And I find myself in a cloud

And I can feel the pain of mankind

And my head and heart are tangled in a dream

That keeps me crying’

And I wonder anymore if there is any sense in trying


But my heart is golden

And my eyes have seen the damage

And these legs have walked in gardens

Where children’s eyes are filled with wonder

And mountains loom up in volcanoes

And I have walked the streets with children

In a jungle made of hustle

And I worry that I will not find an answer

And my hands are shaking

And my head is spinning

And my ears keep tuning my heart

For things that I see dawning

In an early morning rain

Way out on a highway

To place I never dreamed of

And I love I cannot deny

To myself, or to them, or to him, or to you

Because each time I have this vision

I can see why there is religion

And my heart is Blue




I don’t know what “I Love You” Means

Drone out the sounds of love dying with the

Drone Drone Drone of your spin

Face to face with danger again, tell your sad tale to the wind

Nowhere is love in sight

Nowhere is this love all right

Tell it to the wind

Runaway from the dream

I don’t know what it means when you say, “I love you”

Can’t you see the girls is on the floor


Drone out the world you live in, turn the screw a little tighter

You’re the man in the mirror who fills her with fear

Then say, “I love her”

Here’s a knife, strike the hurt, catch a star as she ‘s falling

Dust to Dust

Earth to Earth

If you had a secret lover, would you tell the truth?

If you never said, ‘”I love you” would you take the hurt away?

Tell it to the wind

My love is aching for a taste, looking for a place to lay my head on

My heart filled with sorrow, my world has called the demon to my table

Tell it to the wind

Dust to dust, earth to earth

You laugh; cover your hurt, run away from the danger,

And hide behind what you say is love

Tell me while I sit inside this pain, what this love is worth

How much longer will you wait?

Tell it to the wind

Whose heart is breaking?

Whose life is awake enough to scream out the agony?

Scream out the pain

Tell it to the wind

Pity me, My love has lost it’s way


Listen well I said

These are words form the master’s hand

They do not hide inside my head

They pour out wonder into my mind

And I lift the veil and climb inside your mind


I like what I see inside this void

Nothing real

Nothing fake

Only images that come and go

Floating by like streamers from a long parade


I tune up the voice

I push the sounds into my throat

I hear the melody and I become enraptured

I need to make that sound again, high and sweet


Listen well I said

Pay Attention to the sounds you hear

The bus, like percussion

I hear it rattling down the boulevard

I hear the horns, and the sounds of high heeled shoes on concrete


Listen I said, to the city sounds

Not crickets by the lake

Or bees swarming nearby

No not nature do I hear

But the sounds of humanity, bustling to and fro

from the workplace

From their constructed toil

I like what I saw inside that void

Nothing real

Nothing fake