MA:R. October 2022

Patricia RAIN Gianneschi


I’m Tired


Tired of swimming upstream

Tired of marginalization, colonization, appropriation, and lack of communication


I’m Tired


Tired of the left

Tired of the Right

Tired of the same old FIGHTS


I’m Tired of the pronouns, the political correctness

Tired of mothers losing their children for their neglectfulness

Tired of pollution, and climate change

Tired of the mess on planet earth that we have made

 I’m Tired


I’m tired of laundry, dishes, child care, and poverty

Tired of the red and blue, and now I’m tired of the purple too

Tired of money, and taxes and real estate deals

Tired of injustice, of lies, and those refusing to hear truth

I am tired, and I so miss the dear & honorable Justice Ruth


I am tired of plastic, and McDonald’s, and Streaming TV

Tired of Standardized tests

Tired of children without rest

Tired of football, and baseball, and the obsession with sports

I’m Tired of inequality and long for art & spirituality

I’m tired of a world where harmony no longer exists


I’m Tired


Tired of swimming upstream

Tired of fearing that soon

There may no longer be an American Dream