Carmona Poem Gifted to the city of Carmona, Spain 2019



Rose colored light scorched by the summer sun of southern Spain

The wilted sunflowers in the fields now brown and weathered from the dry heat

Their seeds are brown with withered petals, no golden flowers to inspire us

Leaving us wishing we had been here a month ago when fields were green

Rains did fall upon this dry brown earth, and brought forth the fruits of the fields

Life is slower here, revolving like the earth, around the sun

When she shines her bold screaming yellow face down upon us

We seek the shelter in the shade, anywhere we can find it

Early to rise before she begins her scorching heat

Like busy ants the people scurry to the markets, greet their neighbors

Make their way on foot around the ancient city

When the sun is highest, hottest, the windows are shuddered, the siesta begins

A big meal midday, and then a restful nap, until the light begins to lessen

Life resumes again and stores re open around the hours of 6 or 7

But no one here eats as we do, at 8 pm sharp we march like lemmings to the food

Relieved and rested, we seek water and wine, fish and fowl, pig and cow

Olives, and fruits abundant and fresh

We eat and chatter, and share our thoughts as the night falls upon this jewel with its massive stone gate guarding the citizens

7000 Years mankind has settled here in the golden hills of Carmona

Our dinner has just begun

We wander the  streets along white washed buildings

Shining brightly in the Spanish summer sun,

Reflecting the heat away from the city streets

Painted white in Moorish times to alleviate the scorching summer heat

Small narrow streets, shaded by buildings close together

Keeping the citizens cool as they find their way around the ancient city

We stand before the Grand Gate of Carmona, once a fortress

Strong and foreboding the majestic gate

It kept the marauders from entering within the city walls

In this ancient city there are three palaces, each a treasure of architecture

Purple and orange, white and gold

Red with the color of the earth’s clay

Here in the dry southern landscape of Southern Spain