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Artist Statement



In my work, my desire is to bring the viewer into a space where they become open to the forces of imagination and spirit. I believe Art can transform us. I believe art can take us to a new awareness, create new sensations, and form. For me, the act of painting is an act of spiritual practice. I enter the painting with body and mind, searching for the images as I wander through the canvas, or pick up a pen, or my guitar, or sit down and touch the keys on my piano. I am an artist. In my effort to create an environment that might induce AWE, in some of my work I have not yet abandoned the figure. In the newer work, I begin to un-paint the paintings, creating work that is more minimal, and monochromatic. I begin adding texture, using collaged papers and hidden text to the work. These secret messages, these hidden words, parallel the silencing of our histories. In my desire to elicit a response from the viewer, I employ basic compositional elements of narrative, in abstraction, allowing the viewer to breath in color, image and texture, allowing the viewer to form their own narrative, and thereby gain an insight into my investigation of my personal necessity to bring forth the Spiritual in Art. I am multi-media artist. I am a painter, musician, poet, writer, & performance artist. I also work in sculpture and printmaking. My current work has been influenced by my recent printmaking, I find that one medium informs the other. I am interested in the process, the process of Becoming, the process of Creating.